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Team sport_friendship_victory        Zperf: 2175        ZRank:361 / 1579        ()

15 past battles
16/08/205Quarantäne-Liga 5C Team Battle ()710155223623472175
13/08/205Quarantäne-Liga 5C Team Battle ()710121720920142118
09/08/206Quarantäne-Liga 6C Team Battle ()710111122522322152
06/08/207Quarantäne-Liga 7B Team Battle ()610114216621522126
02/08/207Quarantäne-Liga 7B Team Battle ()610150421421752117
30/07/207Quarantäne-Liga 7A Team Battle ()69163518020732098
26/07/206Quarantäne-Liga 6A Team Battle ()710117816121012107
23/07/206Quarantäne-Liga 6C Team Battle ()710129523421252109
19/07/207Quarantäne-Liga 7C Team Battle ()6983119422202104
16/07/208Quarantäne-Liga 8C Team Battle ()61097122521932066
12/07/209Quarantäne-Liga 9B Team Battle ()59165223421902023
09/07/209Quarantäne-Liga 9A Team Battle ()51085513221031968
05/07/2010Quarantäne-Liga 10C Team Battle ()510189223221691923
02/07/2011Quarantäne-Liga 11A Team Battle ()51097317919541841
28/06/2012Quarantäne-Liga 12B Team Battle ()510104313918041804
32 players
SindarovGM ()18/10/2018266661
SindarovCM ()15/11/201824621005
Khumoyun2010 ()17/09/201623063804
Doniyor2020 ()30/08/20721937397
Shoshi-tosh1 ()22/10/205321877655
Siroj_chess_fm ()06/09/202221698312
Zafarjon2007 ()06/09/201521519110
IWFM_Omonova_Umida ()27/08/206212210352
MARSEL_7294 ()03/09/2012210511129
Sardorbek_Chess ()27/08/2010204613734
AleksandrAgishev ()26/07/203203914075
Komiljon2105 ()28/06/2010199716145
Schachspieler_01 ()13/08/2013199116421
PunisherMurderer ()18/03/2143196517619
Javosh ()20/08/203196517633
sobir_saidov ()06/09/2019195418155
deaf90 ()06/08/201187322021
Sabo1991quen ()16/08/209187222046
kamron16012010 ()06/09/2018186922200
RAXMONJON ()10/09/209186222523
Rahmonjon ()02/08/202179125851
kuchkar-17 ()03/09/2016178226236
Sh_A_I ()23/08/208173927986
Mysterio777 ()06/08/207172628512
abdulaziz_deaf3 ()16/07/205170929136
Sulaymon_0105 ()10/09/204163931745
Abduraxmon2013 ()03/09/2018163132010
dilancr ()26/07/201157933654
Hoji1999 ()06/08/204154534679
amory_gamer2020 ()07/01/2110154234761
Shohjahon_2004 ()13/08/208151035629
azamatkingchess ()23/08/203136738423

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. The first ZPerf value of a is the Lichess perf value, minus 200
. The second ZPerf value is is the average of the 2 Lichess perf values, minus 100
. The third ZPerf value is the average of the 3 Lichess perf values
. The following values values are computed using exponential smoothing (inertia factor 0.75).

Team ZPerf values are computed as the average of the ZPerf values from the players
considered as team leaders in the team score computation.
Team ZPerf values are exponentially smoothed with inertia factor 0.75.

Performances based on less than 7 games are ignored,

Performance or players whose account was closed by Lichess have been ignored.

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. battles before april 2020 are discarded
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