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Team sc-emmendingen        Zperf: 2398        ZRank:25 / 1673        ()

6 past battles
12/11/202Lichess Quarantäne-Bundesliga2 Team Battle ()101032010000
08/11/201Lichess Quarantäne-Bundesliga Team Battle ()1210380829423992398
05/11/202Lichess Quarantäne-Bundesliga2 Team Battle ()1010302142224232398
01/11/203Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()810203127025112390
29/10/204Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 4C Team Battle ()710109124024372350
25/10/204Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 4C Team Battle ()710175721823212321
19 players
PierrotDeCastelnau ()67266172
VladiBakki ()12/11/205265388
yesaiedo ()29/04/21282521577
AdriD ()05/11/2052512640
Snake74 ()252504709
HerrTulpe ()01/11/20124411341
tontonflingueur ()28/03/212224041892
chebi34 ()25/03/211023842248
Didici12 ()08/11/20223662605
kobenc ()08/11/20223403187
TheWizardofPhi ()12/11/20523293450
Anonymous_II ()12/11/20523064081
DrLethargo ()12/11/20822884622
kikareku ()29/11/202122595538
Jodok_K ()13/12/201022376302
Hexe456 ()12/11/20522346439
Rasumowski ()08/11/202214710010
carokannnix ()08/11/202212810854
DRAGON_CHESS_LEGEND ()12/11/202199517408

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Look and feed and user experience were not primary concern in this development.
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Most content is directly extracted from the Lichess API .

Player ZPerf values are computed using the followinfg formulas:
. The first ZPerf value of a is the Lichess perf value, minus 200
. The second ZPerf value is is the average of the 2 Lichess perf values, minus 100
. The third ZPerf value is the average of the 3 Lichess perf values
. The following values values are computed using exponential smoothing (inertia factor 0.75).

Team ZPerf values are computed as the average of the ZPerf values from the players
considered as team leaders in the team score computation.
Team ZPerf values are exponentially smoothed with inertia factor 0.75.

Performances based on less than 7 games are ignored,

Performance or players whose account was closed by Lichess have been ignored.

More information about Lichess Bundesliga is to be found at and especially
from player jeffforever , who is the Bundesliga genius (tnx Jeff!).

Known limitations:
. battles before april 2020 are discarded
. teams and players with names including non-latin characters are represented by their
Lichess (latin) id, as delivered by the API

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