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Team rdchess        Zperf: 2385        ZRank:31 / 1673        ()

18 past battles
01/10/203Quarantäne-Liga 3A Team Battle ()81016510000
27/09/203Quarantäne-Liga 3B Team Battle ()810215428223712385
24/09/203Quarantäne-Liga 3B Team Battle ()810183139425072390
20/09/203Quarantäne-Liga 3B Team Battle ()810221231224672352
17/09/203Quarantäne-Liga 3A Team Battle ()810192618222852313
13/09/203Quarantäne-Liga 3B Team Battle ()8101469000
10/09/204Quarantäne-Liga 4B Team Battle ()710174125223902323
06/09/204Quarantäne-Liga 4B Team Battle ()710157420222682301
03/09/205Quarantäne-Liga 5B Team Battle ()71011610000
30/08/204Quarantäne-Liga 4B Team Battle ()71013310000
27/08/205Quarantäne-Liga 5A Team Battle ()710115221223252312
23/08/206Quarantäne-Liga 6A Team Battle ()71078127123482307
20/08/207Quarantäne-Liga 7A Team Battle ()61095126324062294
16/08/208Quarantäne-Liga 8A Team Battle ()610132124623092257
13/08/209Quarantäne-Liga 9A Team Battle ()5982126422672239
09/08/2010Quarantäne-Liga 10A Team Battle ()59107125821432230
06/08/2011Quarantäne-Liga 11A Team Battle ()5970130623092260
02/08/2012Quarantäne-Liga 12D Team Battle ()5879133122442244
22 players
RD4ever ()19/11/20232590255
Nurelorazayev ()24/09/2072542471
AghasiyevKamal ()28/03/21412487850
AronMagnisyan ()27/09/2022473972
Chefot ()15/11/201424341424
Amidala_Skywalker ()01/10/201624061868
Tragedienne ()27/09/201723782359
tuchkaaa ()31/01/212423642639
Jorayev_A ()21/01/211823562837
ayapov2005 ()04/10/20322296631
Nureloraza09 ()23/08/202022286655
Viki579 ()06/08/20122206937
Kairbekova_Amina111 ()06/09/201522157112
aa_lva04 ()27/09/20722147154
DrLotte ()21/01/211822147155
zhenya_2020 ()17/09/20821788624
timur247 ()20/09/20421659200
M1rr0rr ()20/08/20421659210
Kanzler_Mohito ()24/09/201213610551
Garrifulla_sal ()01/10/201209812292
Ytrewqlkjhgfdsa ()06/08/201193820301
Alejandro58 ()01/10/201187823302

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. The third ZPerf value is the average of the 3 Lichess perf values
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Team ZPerf values are computed as the average of the ZPerf values from the players
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