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Team queencrusher-fan-club        Zperf: 2324        ZRank:81 / 1453        ()

25 past battles
31/01/213Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3A Team Battle ()810246823323072324
28/01/213Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3B Team Battle ()810344425523502329
24/01/213Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3B Team Battle ()810229229523492322
21/01/213Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()810333426023342314
17/01/213Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()810180221723542307
14/01/213Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3B Team Battle ()810366632422922292
10/01/213Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()810236721722792292
07/01/213Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()810194518822822296
03/01/214Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 4C Team Battle ()710134127823882301
27/12/204Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 4C Team Battle ()710200421923442272
20/12/204Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 4C Team Battle ()710169417622432248
17/12/203Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3A Team Battle ()8102361022921432250
13/12/203Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()810225620223282286
10/12/203Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 3A Team Battle ()810263421222702273
06/12/204Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 4B Team Battle ()710196330423632274
03/12/205Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 5B Team Battle ()710152126423302244
29/11/206Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 6A Team Battle ()710131216721422215
26/11/207Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 7A Team Battle ()61094128823402240
22/11/208Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 8C Team Battle ()610137220922912207
19/11/209Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 9C Team Battle ()51080115222642179
15/11/2010Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 10C Team Battle ()5969124022152151
12/11/2011Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 11C Team Battle ()5963114921952129
08/11/2012Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 12C Team Battle ()510115115421252107
05/11/2013Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 13C Team Battle ()41080125520522102
01/11/2014Lichess Quarantäne-Liga 14C Team Battle ()41038118021192119
37 players
selendic95 ()14/02/21222508525
mysterious_expert ()31/01/21462482694
BogdanLalic ()20/12/2042459891
darkovu ()06/12/2022453945
pasteta ()1924141392
Fleetwood_Mac ()1524121419
matej221 ()24/01/21823861781
Josipan_81 ()2523751961
nightwish_army ()13/12/20523712043
domimir ()03/12/20423452534
TheBB99 ()11/02/211423422600
leakovic ()3023372699
Zadar1968 ()18/02/21723372702
HrvojeZagreb ()923003536
divljasvinja ()20/12/20822395114
miroslavs24 ()1722185806
LZ97 ()31/01/21221906801
DanielC87 ()28/01/211221787192
Bajamali ()2121757302
toki48 ()1821587927
krstonemir ()721408603
InfiniteLaugh ()18/02/211821338900
Maherinjo92 ()2421318972
MarkoMakaj ()07/01/21121289103
muzilandia ()25/02/2125210410045
stipandic ()29209310498
cvitko94 ()20/12/2011208810690
Katarina501 ()5204512442
Lignjac ()21/02/2116204412489
stadimonov ()18/02/2112199614530
Queencrusher_YouTube ()31/01/2125199114768
Mate_Sinjski ()26198415074
Mihailopusara ()22192917509
Franjo-959 ()23191818003
donnerheik ()58184920982
PetarBosnjak ()31/01/218176824303
divancevic ()18/02/218172625870

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