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Team la-vieja-escuela        Zperf: 2516        ZRank:6 / 1407        ()

5 past battles
23/04/203Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()710143718825042516
16/04/203Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()710155147926112520
09/04/203Quarantäne-Liga 3C Team Battle ()710140137425502490
02/04/203Quarantäne-Liga 3B Team Battle ()710116134925102470
31/03/204Quarantäne-Liga 4B Team Battle ()610101129924572457
26 players
YasseQuesada ()16/04/203266251
kmilooo ()21/01/21192544346
RaKaTa_FanS ()26/11/2082543349
O-Almeida ()05/11/20102533386
cubansboy ()16/04/2032514481
Bacallao2019 ()20/08/2092506517
lelys ()04/02/2142496597
mamey78 ()07/02/2162488642
Titico2020 ()23/04/2032472737
RCSA007 ()17/01/2132469755
Topblitz ()09/04/2022466787
yendorzerep ()15/10/2052465796
Ermito ()15/10/2022460842
pollocuba2019 ()18/02/21132444991
Ariancito ()21/01/21224201278
mariokar ()23/04/20424141348
Corre_por_tu_vida ()28/01/21624021517
kc6 ()02/04/20123472416
Elito29 ()09/04/20123342660
Orsanchez ()28/01/211023113146
RL12 ()09/04/201207211067
hblanco ()23/04/201204012376
Heathcliff0 ()16/04/201200313943
SanchezKelvin ()31/03/201195715921
menorpp ()16/04/201041061
Malanga ()23/04/201041256

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. The first ZPerf value of a is the Lichess perf value, minus 200
. The second ZPerf value is is the average of the 2 Lichess perf values, minus 100
. The third ZPerf value is the average of the 3 Lichess perf values
. The following values values are computed using exponential smoothing (inertia factor 0.75).

Team ZPerf values are computed as the average of the ZPerf values from the players
considered as team leaders in the team score computation.
Team ZPerf values are exponentially smoothed with inertia factor 0.75.

Performances based on less than 7 games are ignored,

Performance or players whose account was closed by Lichess have been ignored.

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. battles before april 2020 are discarded
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